About us

The Carbon Global journey began when Henry and Sam, the managing partners, met in 2008 and quickly realised that they made a formidable team. They started studying at drama school together and ended up as housemates where they solidified their love for ‘Left 4 Dead’. They individually went on to have successful careers as actors, something they are both still passionate about today. In 2017, after working for various Business Development agencies, they decided to build Carbon Global on some core values; transparency and hard work



We want to make this a collaboration, truly one team. Therefore we decided from day one we would allow our clients to access our work, live.

We either work on our clients existing CRM or within google docs, all of which can be live edited and viewed at any time by our clients. We’re in constant communication with our clients to ensure that the meetings we set up are perfectly in line with their strategy. No more smoke and mirrors.

Hard Work

We know that we will only be retained by our clients if we get meetings for them and if those meetings turn into work. We have found that working two days a week for each client is the best and most efficient way to do this.

We believe in business sustainability and stability and that means hard work over a long period of time. To prove that, we have an ongoing three-month break clause in our contract. It keeps us on our toes.


What makes us different?

Why Actors

Most of our team are actors and they are actors for a reason. Our acting training enables us to ingest huge amounts of information in one go and then in turn relay that knowledge in our own language, making it sound natural, confident and personable. Our Directors are experts in writing client scripts having studied the psychology behind engaging people, this is the tool we use to pierce the armour of the toughest brands. Alongside this, it’s integral to know how to duck, dive and improvise on the spot, in the moment without a second pause. That is why we are constantly training our staff in the actors process. We are big believers in ‘the ensemble’ and with that, it’s important that we learn from each other, whether that’s the mistakes or the successes.”

Psychological Approach

It’s important to remember that we’re all human, we all have human emotions. We look to harness this. Throughout extensive acting training we have learnt to read people in the first 10 seconds of hearing their voice. ‘People buy from people’ – so our job is to create a warm relationship and mine for a list of challenges for our clients to walk through that door.

Over the years we have crafted a script structure that has psychological tools built into them, so no call feels like a cold call. That has been integral to our success. Speaking to another human being on a human level. Our function is simple, to ask if they would like to meet our clients over a cup of tea. Once they’ve said yes to a meeting our work really begins, we ask a multitude of questions that give us key indicators of why they want to speak to us and why now.

Solution to pitch

We’re seeing that people are starting to take independent communication agencies seriously and enjoying the speed and uniqueness of these agile teams. We’re utilizing this by going directly to brands and offering them something they haven’t seen before; malleable vision, a true collaboration between brand and agency, all whilst producing the best work at the fairest cost.

It’s important that we are utilised as a solution to an ever-growing problem between independent agencies. How do you get seen without the feeding frenzy of pitching against others? We keep our agency small and exclusive to make sure we can do the best work we can. No client of ours is the same, we don’t ever want to send two clients to meet the same prospect. For us it’s about creating a steady bespoke pipeline of growth over the next five years, so we’re not looking for partnerships for five months. We support our agencies in their lead generation, so it means that they can concentrate on attending meetings, writing pitches and winning the work.


Starting with us is simple. Once you agree to a short two-page Statement of Work we decide a kick-off date. In that three-hour director-led kick off is where we get under the nail bed of the agency, who’s who, what’s what and we get you to pitch us.

Once that has taken place, we start to populate something called a ‘100 list’ – this 100 list forms the nucleus of the prospects you’d like us to contact. Once this is signed off we start the journey into the unknown.

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