We aim to nurture long-standing client relationships that we constantly collaborate closely with. Whether that’s strategising their next move, researching a whole new sector, getting their foot in the door or helping them articulate what they’re offering, these are the building blocks of new business. A lot of businesses misjudge the importance of structure and steadfastness. They spend more time competing with others instead of focusing on bettering their own offering and striving to make valuable new connections.

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Data Building & Research

We listen, research and then mine prospects for the next phase of your Business Development or Sales targeting. In order for our data to be as current and relevant as can be we are constantly listening to industry leaders, reading independent and mainstream news outlets, keeping up with trends on social and attending webinars within a multitude of sectors.

In short: Building lists is boring - We’ll do it for you.

B2B Lead Generation

We work 2 days a week calling, emailing, and prospecting to get you a portfolio of well-qualified new business meetings. These meetings will be with budget holding prospects from the companies and target areas that we have strategised with you. Imagine that dream client you’ve always wanted; let us get you in front of them for their upcoming project.

In short: Everyone hates cold calling - Except us

Business Development Strategy

We work alongside your management and marketing teams to drive campaigns and find new customers in the most effective way. This can be in the form of supporting events, mailouts or specific prospect targeting.

In short: We're experts at BD - Come pick our brains

Pitching and Sales Workshops

You know how to talk about your company but pitching to a prospect who’s never met you can be tough. We have spent our acting careers in front of an audience we’ve never met and had to be honest, open and authentic, which is what we promote when speaking to prospects. We give individually tailored training and advice to enable you to get the best out of every pitch and ultimately help you to convert more work.

In short: The better you pitch - The more work you win.



  • Director-led and account team attended kick-offs.
  • Strategy led, industry informed research.
  • Weekly director-led reporting video calls.
  • Full integration with marketing campaigns.
  • Securing Pitches, Briefs and RFPs opportunities from prospects globally.
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  • Using our research team to keep our finger on the pulse of each industry and in turn populate our accounts full of the movers and shakers.
  • Constantly refreshing our CRM of global contacts to make sure we’re pushing ourselves further to develop and nurture new and existing prospects.
  • Keeping our ear to the ground by having a network of industry leaders as mentors to make sure we don’t miss any cross-sector industry changes that may win our clients work.
  • Nurturing a pipeline of new business relationships by listening to their wants and needs.
  • Saving prospects and work that typically falls into a grey zone of zero contact after an introductory meeting.
  • Telephone and email targeting of global prospects across various sectors.
  • Getting to the pitch process in as few meetings as possible by really communicating with the prospect on a human level to find out when they have the budget to spend.
  • Rescheduling and keeping tabs on prospects who normally would fall through the cracks.
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