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What makes us different?

Why Actors

Most of our team are actors and they are actors for a reason. Our acting training enables us to ingest huge amounts of information in one go and then in turn relay that knowledge in our own language, making it sound natural, confident and personable.

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Psychological Approach

It’s important to remember that we’re all human, we all have human emotions. We look to harness this. Throughout extensive acting training we have learnt to read people in the first 10 seconds of hearing their voice. ‘People buy from people’ – so our job is to create a warm relationship and mine for a list of challenges for our clients to walk through that door.

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Solution to Pitch

We’re seeing that people are starting to take independent communication agencies seriously and enjoying the speed and uniqueness of these agile teams. We’re utilizing this by going directly to brands and offering them something they haven’t seen before; malleable vision, a true collaboration between brand and agency, all whilst producing the best work at the fairest cost.

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Starting with us is simple. Once you agree to a short two page Statement of Work we decide a kick off date. In that three hour director-led kick off is where we get under the nail bed of the agency, who’s who, what’s what and we get you to pitch us. Once that has taken place we start to populate something called a ‘100 list’ – this 100 list forms the nucleus of the prospects you’d like us to contact. Once this is signed off we start the journey into the unknown.

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“We are winning work from the meetings they set up for us, and our clients speak highly of their approach – there is no better validation of their work than when our new clients compliment their approach. In terms of ROI, we have worked together for a number of years so they must be doing something right!”

Managing Director - Award-winning Healthcare Communications Agency

“Henry, Sam and the team at Carbon are some of the most passionate and hardworking individuals I have had the pleasure of working with. I wish I could clone them and unleash their energy, passion and effort across everything that we do.”

CEO – Award-winning Digital Creative Agency

“They have a brilliant understanding of how business development should be done, we have been working with these guys for only a few months, on two days a week, and have already upped that to three! They feel like part of your team and work hard to deliver!”

Managing Director - Award-winning Digital Creative Agency

“We were introduced to Carbon Global by a mutual contact who recommended their services and rightly so. When it comes to delivery of genuinely qualified leads they are amongst the best I have worked with.”

Managing Director - Award-winning Scientific Communications Agency

“Having worked with lead gen companies before, Carbon Global are a breath of fresh air. Communication from the start was great and they took the time to understand us as a business. We have full visibility of the activity happening and are starting to see results already.”

Managing Director - Web Optimisation and Digital Marketing Agency


Data Building and Research

Building lists is boring
-We'll do it for you.


B2B Lead Generation

Everyone hates cold calling
- Except us.

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Business Development Strategy

We're experts at BD
- Come pick our brains.

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and Sales Workshops

The better you pitch
- The more work you win.

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We love a chat. Whether you want to discuss your current business development needs, learn more about what we could do for you, take us through your three year plan, grill us on our philosophies, recite the alphabet backwards or collaboratively think about ways in which we could help your business win new work.

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