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Our renowned business to business (B2B) lead generation services nurtures client relationships to create exciting, new, and diverse prospects for your business. Unlike other lead generation agencies, as part of our lead generating services, we take the opportunity to truly get to know your business and understand your dream clients so we can make the connections that matter to you.

With access to high-quality data and tonnes of commitment, our experienced team form lasting relationships to find suitable business leads on your behalf – enabling you to save time and focus on what you do best.

Our Lead Generation Process

We’ll meet with you for a director-led and account team attended kick-off to discuss your business and how you want to progress. We want to understand the kind of work you want to do, your business objectives, and the companies you’d love to collaborate with.

From here, we’ll develop a bespoke strategy to obtain you the business leads you deserve. We’ll talk about you loudly and proudly to put you in front of your dream client for their upcoming projects.

Typically, our dedicated and passionate team spend 2 days a week calling, emailing, and initiating conversations to uncover leads that make sense for your business. Our goal is to get to the pitch process in as few meetings as possible by really communicating with the prospect on a human level to discover when they have the budget to spend. We aim to secure up to 52 new business meetings a year with real budget holding prospects within companies.

Our Clients

We’ve worked with a wide range of companies, from household names to family-run businesses, across a broad selection of industries. We specialise in telephone and email targeting of global prospects across various sectors, from healthcare to fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).

“Having worked with lead gen companies before, Carbon Global are a breath of fresh air. There was dependable communication from the start and they took the time to understand us as a business. We have full visibility of the activity happening and are starting to see results already. We see working with Carbon Global as a long term solution to our lead generation and look forward to seeing what the future holds.”

Managing Director - Web Optimisation and Digital Marketing Agency

“Henry, Sam and the team at Carbon Global are some of the most passionate and hardworking individuals I have had the pleasure of working with. I wish I could clone them and unleash their energy, passion, and effort across everything that we do.”

CEO – Award-winning Healthcare creative agency


  • Marketing Agencies
  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Digital Healthcare Agencies
  • Digital Consultancies/Agencies
  • Digital Studios
  • Tech start-ups
  • Branding Agencies
  • Creative Agencies
  • Design Studios
  • Healthcare Training Consultancies
  • Healthcare Communications Agencies
  • HR Support Consultancies
  • Print & Promotional Agencies

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How You Could Use Our Lead Gen Service

Our clients use our services in a variety of ways. For some, we are their sole source of B2B lead generation whereas for others we may supplement their existing teams for a little extra support and guidance.

Businesses come to Carbon Global for clarity and ease when they are struggling with:

  • Finding the time and effort needed to create lasting relationships through cold-calling and emails
  • Producing the internal processes required for successfully managing B2B lead generation
  • Understanding which business opportunities and leads are worthwhile and in line with business objectives

How to Contact Our Team

Clearly, we love to chat!

Whether you want to discuss your current business development needs, learn more about what we could do for you, grill us on our philosophies, or recite the alphabet backward, we’d love to hear from you.

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