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The AI Revolution: Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence in Business

With the rise of AI, should we encourage businesses to ditch their humanistic DNA to be heard by the masses?

Artificial intelligence has made tremendous strides in recent years, with breakthroughs in machine learning and natural language processing. One of the most impressive examples is ChatGPT, a large language model developed by OpenAI. ChatGPT is a cutting-edge AI system designed to mimic human conversation, using its vast knowledge base to generate responses to user queries. With its ability to understand natural language, ChatGPT has the potential to revolutionize the way we communicate with machines and provide new insights into how humans process language. In this blog post, we’ll explore the ins and outs of ChatGPT, including its development, capabilities, and potential impact on our daily lives.

That was ChatGPT, one of the many AI systems taking the world by storm. A simple prompt can effortlessly generate essays, reports, and even blog posts within seconds. It’s hard not to be tempted. But with the rise of AI, should we encourage businesses to ditch their humanistic DNA to be heard by the masses?

Whatever your feelings on AI, it’s clear that it will play a massive role in our lives, personal and professional. However, it is up to business leaders to decide whether they use it for the greater good of their companies. As we step into this brave new world of artificial intelligence, it’s imperative that businesses, especially business leaders, approach AI with both caution and thoughtfulness, understanding its potential and implications. However, it would be naive to stay behind the curve of technological advancements, especially with business development. If you’re still hesitant, here are some ways leaders can use AI systems like ChatGPT to improve their business.

Crossing Language Barriers

The Internet has allowed companies to reach other businesses and customers in every corner of the globe. While this is incredibly valuable, the ultimate challenge is overcoming language barriers.

In the UK, only 6% of the population can speak a second language and on a global scale, just 43%.

Internationally expanding a business can be a perfect opportunity for growth, but this can be a challenge, as companies need to integrate into each country they operate in. Translators are hard to come by, and manually translating websites, brands, and other company materials can take time, effort and money, hindering a smooth and seamless integration. However, AI systems can quickly and accurately translate multiple documents within seconds, giving you time to keep up your Duolingo streak.

Content Creation

While some people may use these systems to take over content creation, AI can be a valuable source of inspiration for a business’ marketing and can even get the public to engage with your brand. Companies like Innocent Drinks recently published a Twitter marketing campaign asking the public to vote on their favourite advert, with one written by ChatGPT and the other by a human.

It’s important to remember that directly duplicating from ChatGPT can implicate your business. But it can be excellent for streamlining brainstorming sessions and creation processes. Equally, these systems can monitor the engagement your marketing campaigns receive and thus provide accurate reports on their overall success, ultimately assisting in improving future postings and ROI on paid promotions.

Of course, it may be easier to take a back step and let AI run your next marketing campaign, but unlike an actual human, AI cannot know your business inside and out.

Meeting Management

Systems like Otter.ai and ChatGPT can help streamline business meetings by summarising the discussion, making it easier for business leaders to share information with employees who couldn’t attend. Pre-meeting,  these systems can create specific agendas from a short prompt and can go so far as to identify action points post-discussions. Ultimately, it can optimise everyone’s time and productivity during important meetings. The pressure to quickly write everything down alleviates, allowing all attendees to focus on the speaker, so no more sore fingers.

Whilst we may be years away from ‘the singularity’, the point when AI-based technology becomes smarter than humans, it’s vital to recognise the impact these systems have. Artificial intelligence holds immense potential for business growth and innovation. By harnessing it as a strategic enabler, leaders have the ability to complement human capabilities with technology, helping to drive sustainable and successful business growth in an ever-evolving digital society.

Gee Stencel | They/Them

Strategic Operations Manager

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