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5 ways a lead generation agency can unburden your management team

‘Business Development is often the first thing a company de-prioritises during busy times to focus on their current clients.’

Biz Dev to De-stress your Management Team

As with all business decisions, we often weigh the pros and cons before investing in a new product, service or employee. Today, we share with you 5 good reasons to outsource your lead generation to ultimately unburden your business from the challenges that arise at the beginning of the sales cycle. Taking a leaf from Henry’s book, here are the ‘5 ways a lead generation agency can unburden your management team’ which will hopefully pique your curiosity to read on:


  1. An expert approach to the start of your sales cycle
  2. A flexible and bespoke service
  3. A good alternative to a new sales representative
  4. A tailored structure to help take care of your leads
  5. A constant pipeline for your Business Development Director


1. An expert approach to the start of your sales cycle:  

Outsourcing the first stages of your sales process means that you are putting the execution into expert hands who have the experience, knowledge, and structure to do so. The lead generation agency has the capability to drive more results as it has been through a trial and error approach to understand how to best approach leads, what makes them tick, and ultimately, how to hook them in. At Carbon Global, as we talk and exchange with the industry, we gain insights and knowledge that become an invaluable string to our client’s bow when going in to pitch to a b2b prospect. Once the meeting has been scheduled, the lead is already warmed up, it’s your time to shine. 


2. A flexible and bespoke service:  

Selling yourself is not the easiest of tasks. Even though you might have the best understanding of the business, perhaps cold selling of your service or product is not your forte. What’s more, generating new leads often ends up being de-prioritised to focus on your current clients. This is when a Business Development agency comes in, to unburden the management team and bring in a business solution. To do so at Carbon Global, during the onboarding process, we immerse ourselves into the company, in order to really understand its ins and outs and its long/short term ambitions. As a result, while also forming a strong relationship, we adapt to the management team’s new targets, challenges, and company direction, as would an employee. This is the exact purpose of our client weekly calls, to gather feedback from meetings and updates on the company’s ever-growing wishlist.


3. A good alternative to a new sales representative

You might be deciding whether to onboard an agency when assessing the need to hire a new employee for the sales or business development teams. For SMEs, hiring a new employee gives rise to unavoidable costs, such as pension, paid holidays, etc. Therefore, in many situations, outsourcing the early stages of the sales process can end up being less costly than a new full-time employee. The nature of the relationship is also different. It’s not a manager-employee relationship. We understand Lead Generation and we strive to use our expertise to push our clients into the unknown. Pushing clients can sometimes be scary for them but we push hard to get them to a place where they have made a considered decision, hopefully, the right one and then we go on and execute that strategy. This collaborative approach helps lay the foundation for the whole sales cycle.


4. A tailored structure to help take care of your leads:

As previously mentioned, the consideration of hiring a Lead Agency can come from your lack of time to strategise leads. Fortunately, in addition to being experts at executing the sales cycle, a Business Development agency also has the tools and resources to ensure that a warm lead stays warm and that a first meeting turns into a second meeting. At Carbon Global, it has been a reiterative process to ensure that no lead goes through the fishing net and that our business solution is on-point. Recently, while discussing it with current b2b clients, it has been clear that pursuing warm leads and setting second meetings has been pushed down the priority list during busy times. So, to take the headache away, we have set targets and timelines to ensure that the support and clarity of the progress is there for the client and for the sales cycle to run smoothly.  


5. A constant pipeline for your Business Development Director:  

As your company grows, so does the management team with the need for the support of a Business Development Director in addition to a lead agency. As we witness our clients growing and hiring more employees, it becomes evident that the Managing Director can no longer take on all the workload and has to delegate to its Directors who can pitch their service to a prospect we have brought in. The Business Development Director’s main focus should be pitching and seeking opportunities. So, at Carbon Global, we aim to work collaboratively with them and make sure that we deliver adequate lead generation and the upstream work that will make their life easier, more productive, and most importantly, more profitable.


By Elodie Smith

Strategic Operations Manager

Carbon Global