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Are lead generation companies worth it?

Not everything in life is black and white, usually things are different shades of grey and lead generation is no different.

B2b business partners shaking hands, building that level of trust.

Are lead generation companies worth it? The answer is relatively simple: yes (when used in the right way). That is very important to understand. If lead generation is being outsourced to an agency, it is not just down to them, it also takes a huge amount of collaboration from you as the client, so here are a few things we at Carbon Global have learnt over the last 18 months.

1 Collaboration is key

Ongoing communication is at the heart of every great relationship. And ironically, is something that we have found communications companies are not very good at. We now encourage constant exchange through different channels.

2 The only way to judge is the result at the end

The ROI is incredibly important because, at the end of the day, a good b2b lead generation agency is not just trying to get the client some meetings for meetings’ sake. Instead, we want our clients to go on and win work from those meetings.

3 Insights are helpful but can also act like quicksand

Part of any business development or lead generation activity is about research and gathering insights but it’s also incredibly important to help navigate this process. Only you know the sectors that you want to work in, don’t leave it to guesswork. Collaborate with them, that way you both take responsibility and are aiming for the work that is going to grow the company in the right way. Remember, BD agencies can be great at gathering data but in reality, data can only get you so far, start having those meetings, start exploring what your potential clients really need and see how you fit into that in reality.

4 Build that trust

You need to feel comfortable with your outsourced agency because they are the ones reaching out on your behalf. Work alongside them so you can really know if they are worth it or not. That’s how you’ll start to see the outcomes first hand rather than asking them to tally up how many calls they’ve made, which is often not a true reflection of the work that’s actually been done.

5 It’s okay to be grey

Not everything in life is black and white, usually, things are different shades of grey, and lead generation is no different. You might not see results after a certain amount of time but equally, you might win a project from your first meeting. Patience is a virtue but do not let anyone abuse your patience. You should see everything moving in the right direction, and that’s forwards, not stagnating or moving backwards. This is a clear sign that a lead generation company is worth the money you’re investing in. Then it’s up to you to turn those meetings into work.

Henry Regan

Managing Partner

Carbon Global