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The role that culture plays within companies.

'The most important strategy is to never have an “end point” to company culture building.'

Company culture at a Business Development agency.

Startup culture is very different from large corporate culture due to the fact that it reflects the personalities, passions, attitudes, and values of team members. Since startup companies usually have smaller teams it is important to make sure that the team is one strong unit. Leaders of startups play a huge role because they are setting an example of what kind of company culture they want within their company and they are paving the way for the future of the company. As startups begin to develop, they share a set of values, thoughts, and beliefs which eventually shape how people work to reach the company’s end goals. 

When I first started as a marketing intern at Carbon Global, the first thing I noticed was the relationships among the team. Everyone works hard and meets all individual and team goals but everyone also supports each other and is comfortable laughing with each other throughout the day. Additionally the structure of the company allows for individuals to have creative freedom within their roles and it allows employees to support each other. Rather than structuring the company in a very rigid format, where individuals have their own specific roles and stick to them, Carbon Global is organized in a way that allows collaboration and flexibility.

To get more insight into Carbon Globals company culture I interviewed Felix, the Strategic Operations Manager here.  

How does your experience at Carbon Global compare to other work?

Felix: Carbon Global is a startup in the very early stages of growth, which leads to the following characteristics: everyone exhibits an open mind on how to do the best work we can, and it’s a very collaborative process; a lot of “habits” aren’t really in place beyond the essentials, which leaves lots of room for individual expression- which, even though it sometimes takes time to align people on a task, creates more intention behind the work-. 

How is the company culture different at Carbon Global and what do you appreciate the most about it?

Felix: The main difference is the transparency and willingness to listen, which is definitely the most appreciated aspect of it. Another difference is the wide variety of experiences present among the team, leading to an environment where curiosity naturally stems out of conversations. 

What do you believe is the most important strategy to implement when creating a positive company culture?

Felix: The most important strategy is to never have an “end point” to company culture building. Company culture is built through all of the actions all of the employees make throughout their day, so having a set goal for the company culture removes accountability once the goal is deemed attained. From a leadership standpoint, its balance between leading from the front and leaving enough space for people to carve their own.


Andreana Margaritis

 Marketing Intern

Carbon Global